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  • Tid Bit – Brahms’ biographer Max Kalbeck tells of the composer’s response to the 14-year-old Huberman’s performance of Brahms’ violin concerto: “As soon as Brahms heard the sound of the violin, he pricked up his ears, during the Andante he wiped his eyes, and after the Finale he went into the green room, embraced the young fellow, and stroked his cheeks. When Huberman complained that the public applauded after the cadenza, breaking into the lovely Cantilena, Brahms replied, ‘You should not have played the cadenza so beautifully.’ ”

Current violin owner Joshua Bell (click for details)

ABOUT THE VIOLIN — The 1713 Gibson ex-Huberman Stradivarius

A Stolen Stradivarius, A 51-Year Old Secret – New York Times 1987  PDF version

The Case of the Missing Stradivarius – Blog article  PDF version

Gibson Stradivarius — Wikipedia

Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1713 —

How Some Lost Fiddles Got Found– Blog article

Joshua Bell to Perform Benefit Concerts in Poland — The Jewish Press 2009


The Legacy of Bronislaw Huberman — Chubb Collectors 2009

Einstein and his love of music –  Physics World, January 2005  PDF version

Bronislaw Huberman Saved My Father’s Life — 2010


Bruno Walter and Bronislaw Huberman – Arbiter Liner Notes 138  PDF version

Huberman & Toscanini bios  PDF version

Prone to Violins, Bronislaw Huberman — blog   PDF version

Prone to Violins, Huberman’s Epilogue – blog   PDF version



Father of the Philharmonic — Jerusalem Post 1982   PDF version

Happy 75th Birthday, Israel Philharmonic – The Jewish Standard 2011   PDF version

A Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) Concert –  The Jewish Standard 2011   PDF version

RECORDINGS to download

Bronislaw Huberman — The Complete Brunswick Recordings Disc 1



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  • Miriam Huberman says:

    My parents, Alberto and Angelina Huberman, told the story of Bronislaw Huberman´s life to a Mexican writer, Arturo Azuela -who was at that time my brother Rafael´s father-in-law- and he wrote a book on the stolen violin episode:
    Arturo Azuela. Estuche para dos violines. México: Fondo de Cultura Económica. 1995.