- Final Film Cut Screening in NYC

Rob & Director Josh Aronson visit at Josh's studio prior to the screening.

Around 100 donors and special guests were on hand at the New York Film Academy on April 23 for the first screening of Orchestra of Exiles. 

This important new film is about the achievement of Bronislaw Huberman who, in 1936, re-located 70 of the greatest musicians of Europe to Palestine to found the orchestra that would become The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. His efforts saved nearly 1000 Jews from the Holocaust.

The fim is truly amazing. Much more than just a story of the Holocaust, it represents not only Bronislaw’s struggle to save Jewish musicians and to found the orchestra, but also the Jewish struggle and triumph to found the State of Israel. That first performance after years of endeavor, and conducted by the great Toscannini, had the “Mount Rushmore” of Israel present in the front row — Chiam Weitzmann, David ben Gurion and Golda Meir — among others.

Director Josh Aronson has captured the exhiaration of that moment in a film of significant historical and cultural importance.

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  • Rabbi Chaim Wasserman says:

    Shalom from Jerusalem!
    Will the movie ever be available for educational purposes to be used by music educators in schools, especially yeshivot, to teach during the spring season of Holocaust Memorial Day and Israel Independence Day
    Rabbi Chaim Wasserman
    President, Council of Young Israel Rabbis

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