– Audience Praise

Below are some of the emails received by Director Josh Aronson after the first screening of Orchestra of Exiles.

…Bravo, the film was wonderful and you could tell by the reaction in the audience that everyone was really impressed and touched.  It will surely be a great success..

…Congratulations on the film. It was very moving. What a colossal effort the production must have been……

…I do not know how to tell you how moving and remarkable this film is!

…it is quite an overwhelming experience. I knew nothing about this story, as most people don’t, and  the re-enactments actually made you feel as if you knew these people at least on some level. The use of the archival footage was intense, frightening and inspiring, all at once. I think you have contributed a great thing–which is to make people feel inspired, as opposed to just depressed, about events that seem so much beyond their control.

…Of course you were bringing to life  an extraordinary individual–and I was so glad to see he was not entirely alone—Hooray for Toscanini!–but the film is a real accomplishment because, among other things, I think it gives people hope about the power of an individual, about challenging “systems”, about survival, faith, compassion and  tenacity–values that I think  are endangered  especially now, when so many people feel despair about  moral corruption, along with all the other kinds of corruption. This film shows that even in the worst of times, what is best in humanity can still emerge, and in this film it is more than a reminder, it is inescapable. Thank you Josh for making this film.

…First, I keep thinking about your film and how utterly fresh  and how surprising it is.  I didn’t know of Huberman at all or the story of the orchestra.  Such beautifully woven historical archives (the films are wonderful of the old Palestine), re-enactment, and music.  The writing is very good.  I never felt something was amiss or a wrong note struck (not in words or music). I thought the film brought very close the horrors of the holocaust – hard to do given the emotional saturation of films on the subject.  This was a new angle, full of hope and courage, but dead on the horrors happening.

…I am still thinking about the film. I knew in general the story but not the specifics. I knew many of the people, but not the story of their lives, the sacrifices they made, and the cultural transformation Huberman led.

…We both think your film is a masterpiece. It is even better than what we thought it would be, and my expectations were high, on the basis of the other works of yours that I’ve seen. You deserved the long ovation. It was a masterful demonstration of absorbing, seamless storytelling.

…Orchestra of Exiles is AWESOME! It looks great, the footage is brilliant and the way of telling the story is just touching!

… what a magnificent film!  Important and beautifully done. Bravo.

…What a triumph!!! What an amazing evening. We were overwhelmed by the beauty and emotion of the movie.  You did it!!!  We are waiting for news of the next showing, and of the Vienna event!

…I absolutely loved it.  Not only is it a great story, but also it was also truly inspirational.  What a remarkable guy, especially when one thinks  how until the point at which he started to think about these issues, he was so totally absorbed in his own life, and then completely switched back around to working for everybody but himself.  The story is really brilliantly told and very moving. Many congratulations to everyone involved – it’s a terrific achievement.

…You certainly can be most proud of what you have produced and I am sure the reception worldwide will be most enthusiastic.